Trollers -
by Ade Slack & Jake Setters
Latitude Festival

So log out and strap and shake off your strife

Step out of the door and into your life

Open your eyes your tie has begun

Its nature vs tech and nature has won.

A new play exploring online behavior and the phenomenon of trolling. Relevant, challenging, yet still both engaging and humorous. Trollers is a piece written for specifically for Latitude Festival.

Directors: Leanne Cork, Ade Slack

Sound Designer / Stage Manager: Chad Mason

Cast: Matthew Doswell, Laura Finnemore, Daniel Fridd, Sam Todd, & Harry Williams

Performances: Latitude Festival 2017

The performance is aimed at a teen festival audience of 12-17yrs and will explore experiences of young people in contemporary UK. It will use a wide variety of performance skills to create a thought provoking and entertaining show.

“This is the third year in a row we are taking a performance to Latitude Festival. What has impressed us in the past is young actors who want to work in the industry coming together and rehearsing a piece of theatre. We are looking for ambitious, committed, talented and adaptable performers”. (Ade Slack, Creative Director Second Side)

“We are really excited about welcoming Second Side Theatre Company back to the Inbetweeners Stage at Latitude Festival 2017. Not only I am excited about seeing the work they create, which will be performed daily on the Inbetweeners Area stage which we deliver in partnership with Access To Music but also to see the progression the young performers make during and after the opportunity.” Elli Chapman, Artistic Director Culture Works East

“I’m proud that with an area dedicated to teens, Latitude continues to offer opportunities for young artists to develop their talent, and for teen audiences to expand their experiences and explore their own creativity, both at the festival and beyond.” Sharon Reuben, Curator Children, Family and Schools Programme, Latitude Festival.
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